me and my friends

where is this from?



me and my friends

where is this from?

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that moment when everyone in your class finished the test and you’re the only one doing it


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History Of Something
Genre: Punk Rock and/or Roll

How did you become a band? Where did the band name originate from?

Todd - We were at our friend Hector’s stand-up comedy show  and I asked Jason if he felt like making some music. I had just bought a new bass and wanted to get cracking on something. Jason is the most musically inclined person I know and is mega talented, so I didn’t know who else to ask BUT him. We are both really busy in our day to day lives, so instead of forming a full band and playing live and then recording, we went in a completely opposite direction of what ever band does. We just hunkered down in the studio for years and came up with dozens of songs until we finally found a sound that we thought fit us. As for the band name, Jason told me to come up with a list and I made a list of about twenty or so. This name happens to be from an episode of Community. I hope we don’t get sued.

Jason - Childhood friends, parted ways for a few years, rekindled at a comedy show, began writing HOS tunes in 2010. 

Where do you guys draw your influences for your music?

Todd - For me, it’s mostly punk rock/pop punk. I can’t get away from the catchy guitar riffs and the “whoa-ohs”. If you listen to “Better When You’re With Me” it was me who had to get the “Woo!” and the “Whoa-oh’s” in there. It’s just always something I’ve gravitated towards. And while it may not sound like it in our songs, bands like MxPx and Blink-182 were what I grew up listening to. You can totally tell in my lyrics, there are no metaphors to be found - it’s all straight forward. This girl left me, so I’m sad. I think it’s easily relatable that way. Some might accuse it of being “emo” or too depressing, but I write what I know.

Jason - Direct music influences (style of playing, tones, etc..) from Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Story of the Year, Saosin, Anberlin, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink 182. 

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I think I use tumblr wrong.

An autobiography.



school cum

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Jonah Hill gets a supportive over-the-shoulder-five from Leonardo DiCaprio after his nomination reel was shown at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, March 2nd, 2014

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Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy
Because he’s just better than everyone else.

(Note: This got way bigger than I ever expected it to get.)

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Are you actually saying these words?

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